Tuesday, March 26, 2019

MG TC 8550EXU - 1948

As I am adding other pictures of the family I should also share some of the pictures of my main passion, outside of family matters, my Vintage Car from 1948...

I am calmer now, but drove approx. 8.000 Kms in less than 1.5 years which was tough for the old girl...
The Dash, Torremolinos
The Dash, Torremolinos 2019

Montes de Malaga with Alex & Sally


Profile 2
@ Gibraltar

Just a nice pic

Montes de Malaga, winter 2018

Time I fell in love


Pictures from Olszowski cousins stud farm - think immediately after the war where the prize horse (white at the bottom) was brought to the UK. Great Grandfather Zembruszki also had a stud farm but I do not think Arabians like these as they were for army use.

Pictures from Moniaki and Mierowicze (I think during the war) with Dad, Stefan and cousins 
Great Grand Father

Great Grandmother

Granny and her sisters

Granny and her sisters


Dad is the small boy

Dad to the left

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